Start-up Bioseco produces a system that protects birds from colliding with windturbines and airplanes at airports
The apple of the Polish government’s eye are start-ups. With a 700-million euro programme Start In Poland the authority has ambitions to make Poland a start-up hub for Central Europe. This is the second of two articles about the innovation climate in Poland.

WARSAW, 18 november 2018 – “The 4th industrial revolution cannot take place without politicians” – said Jarosław Gowin, the deputy PM and the Minister of Science and Higher Education introducing in 2016 a 3-billion PLN (around 700-million euro) Start It Poland Programme. The Polish authorities’ intentions are clear. They want to use all tools they have to make Poland a main hub for start-ups in Central Europe and to help commercialise innovations developed in young Polish companies. A crop of initiatives were created for start-ups, both Polish and foreigners willing to relocate their business activity to Poland. These initiatives include accelerators, money for venture capital funds, and changes in laws to benefit new companies, just to mention a few.

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