Pillow’s Willow is crowned best Dutch VR game at the Bright VR Awards. The judges, among others consisting of Erwin van der Zande and Winston Gerschtanowitz, chose Pillow’s Willow based on the demo. The actual game is still in development. The demo can be played on both the Oculus Rift and the HTC vive at the Bright Day event in Utrecht, this weekend.

Peter Kortenhoeven, who holds the position of creative director at the Eindhoven based start-up, which is in the LUMO labs acceleration program, is very satisfied with the recognition by the judges. “We think this game truly emerged from the core and possibilities of VR. In order to submerge the players in an excellent and beautiful game experience called ‘dreamscape’, they will find themselves in a dream or fantasy world with mind blowing graphics.”

In addition to the normal controllers from HTC and Oculus, Pillow’s Willow is the first game to support the use of the, also originating from Eindhoven, Manus VR gloves.