With a firm presence during the Dutch Technology Week, Philips wants to show the importance of technical innovations for the society. “Awareness around the extremely important role of technology in the medical, high tech innovation is crucial for Philips. We are proud to be able to share this with the outside world during the Dutch Technology Week”, says Moniek Falck.

Falck says that Philips’ most important incentive to be so intensively involved this year lies in making technology accessible and attractive, for example by telling why Philips does what it does. “We strive to improve medical care, globally. Enthusing and attracting future talent in the health tech sector is also the biggest incentive for Philips to come forward as partner of the Dutch Technology Week from the first edition on.”

“Pupils come into contact with technology in a fun, interactive and creative way.”Moniek Falck, Philips

The DTW is interesting for a wide audience, says Falck: future talent (technology and high school students and children of primary and secondary education), general public, (young) professionals and selected partners (such as UMC’s, Technical Universities, Brainport business partners, municipality and government). That’s why the company has different programs in store for all those specific audiences. A selection of those:

Primary education day – Thursday, May 18th, all morning

Philips organises the Primary Education day ‘High Tech 2 Discover’ for pupils from year 7 and 8. That happens in collaboration with a large number of companies and institutions, located on the High Tech Campus as well as from the region. Among which there are components of Philips (Research, Design, HRM, HHD, Philips Museum, Philips Web Framework & Components, Bright Society, Procurement, Accounting, Hand Held diagnostic and Minicare) but also institutions such as Hulan, Diagnostiek voor u, DJOE, Watersport Verbond, NB Architecten, VDL Robot Sports, DevLab Academy en Eurest.

Falck: “Pupils come into contact with technology in a fun, interactive and creative way. The purpose of this day is to enthuse students about technology by making them do research, design and undertake themselves. This also gives students a clear picture of the sector and of the possibilities in terms of study choices within the technology.”

High Tech Discovery route

During the High Tech Discovery route (Saturday, May 20th) Philips opens its doors on two locations: the campus in Best and the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Hotspot Philips Innovation Center Eindhoven North – Saturday, May 20th , 11.00h-17.00h

On Saturday, May 20th, Philips opens the Gates of her campus in Best for the big public. They can get to know the medical high tech innovations and technological highlights, with which Philips has earned worldwide fame. “Besides there is also attention for personal health care. Product innovations can be seen that day that you can soon also see in your daily life and that arise from our ‘innovation kitchen’”.

Best is one of the largest locations of Philips in the world. The campus is part of Philips Innovation Center Eindhoven and for over 45 years, about 3000 people have worked here on innovative solutions for health care. “By means of demos, workshops and tours during the Open Day you will see that the innovations of Philips offer solutions in all phases of a human life: from healthy living and prevention to diagnostics, treatment and home care. In addition, you are offered the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes in the factory and to visit the Customer Visit Center. For the youth, our future talent, there’s a challenging program in collaboration with Mad Science where young people can actively get acquainted with the world of discoveries and innovations.”

Hotspot High Tech Campus – Saturday, May 20th , 11.00h-17.00h

Here Philips is present with a stand on The Strip, where Philips Innovation Services shows a number of high tech solutions (among other things, the ultrasound technology cMUT).

Philips Museum – Saturday and Sunday, May 20th /21st, free opening

In the Philips museum, visitors can take a look at The Antibiotics Brigade; a special travelling exhibition (by Museum Boerhaave, Pharmacists’ organisation KNMP and the Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation) where you can discover more about antibiotics. What are antibiotics? What do we take them for? What can you do against antibiotic resistance?

The visitors can also visit the ‘Innovation and You’ Experience. The Experience gives a look into the future and the role that modern technology can play in it. Through screens that directly react on the user it is possible to experience how modern technology is changing our lives.

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