Start-up of the day: vertical farming at your fingertips

Growing up in China, from an early age Max Loessl knew that he wanted to do something so as to be able to give back to society and to the environment. After finishing school he briefly worked for Greenpeace in New Zeland. That's where he stumbled across the book 'The...

Amsterdam study: Will the Hyperloop glide at ultra-fast speeds by 2025?

The Province of North Holland commissioned a study into the construction of a pipeline network that will enable the ultra-fast Hyperloop to glide from Amsterdam to neighboring European cities. The network that was looked at has five routes that should be in full use...

Deutsche Bahn’s Medibus is a mobile laboratory in the battle against COVID-19

Deutsche Bahn's Medibuses are currently being used in a large-scale study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) into the COVID-19 distribution in Germany. By using the Medibuses, researchers and physicians have access to high-quality laboratory environments, which can...

Brabant universities designed an AI-Toolkit to support the industry

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Tilburg University, together with Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, are creating a "Toolkit Artificial Intelligence" that should be applicable for the industry. To this end, the...

Paradigm shift in the use of animal experiments: Fewer animals, more reliable results

Each year, around three million animals suffer and die in research laboratories worldwide. According to figures from the German Animal Welfare Federation, a total of 2,825,066 vertebrates and cephalopods (octopuses and squid) were 'used' for scientific purposes in...

Dossier Covid-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak is officially a pandemic. But history has taught us that it is precisely at those moments that mankind comes up with creative solutions. Innovation Origins reports about this every day in the Dossier Covid-19.

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