Curious types (3) – “If you’re not seen, you don’t know who you are”

If the Corona crisis makes something clear to us, it is that the solutions of the past no longer work for today’s problems. But in order to achieve those new solutions and create real innovations that benefit society, something has to change in the way we look at the...

Amsterdam study: Will the Hyperloop glide at ultra-fast speeds by 2025?

The Province of North Holland commissioned a study into the construction of a pipeline network that will enable the ultra-fast Hyperloop to glide from Amsterdam to neighboring European cities. The network that was looked at has five routes that should be in full use...

Start-up of the Day: Braincontrol enables communication again for the physically incapacitated

Completely paralyzed, yet able to communicate non-verbally thanks to the power of the imagined movement. That's what the Italian Liquidweb instrument offers in a tablet format. This start-up participated in the accelerator program of HighTechXL three years ago in...

New 3D printing method prints items made from different materials in one go

"3D printing must become very simple," says Konrad Schreiner, the founder of Plasmics. "If it's not user-friendly, you won't use it." In his 3D printing process, the entire object is printed - in one go. That means when he prints a lamp, it comes out of the printer...

Start-up of the week: Smart tech opens up the world of patients with locked-in syndrome

”Your sneak preview of the future” is the slogan of Innovation Origins, and that’s just what we will highlight with our Start-up of the Week column. Over the past few days, five start-ups of the day have been featured and on Saturdays, we always choose the week’s...

Dossier Covid-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak is officially a pandemic. But history has taught us that it is precisely at those moments that mankind comes up with creative solutions. Innovation Origins reports about this every day in the Dossier Covid-19.

Follow-up: Sports face masks for a thriving economy

In the weekly ‘follow-up’ section we present a sequel to last week’s best-read article here on Innovation Origins. The story this week was about a study carried out by TU Berlin that shows that the...

Tomorrow is good: Digital vulnerability

By mid-March, teachers all over the world were faced with a tough challenge: a rapid transition to online education would have to be made. This prompted hilarious commentaries, such as this...

Virtual Reality for pain relief

Virtual Reality – as in, immersion in a strange world. Be that sitting in a racing car and competing against other drivers, or going around and around on a roller coaster while in a comfy...


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