Venice regulates influx of visitors with smart information system

Venice is undoubtedly the capital of extreme mass tourism. In order to be able to manage the multitudes, the city is designing an information system that is unique in the world. Red traffic lights at the first part of the Rialto Bridge, barriers in front of San Marco...

Groningen aims for a pivotal position on account of future Hyperloop terminal

No, Commissioner Mirjam Wulfse really won't be saying that this Hyperloop terminal will be located in Groningen now that the province and the municipality have managed to secure the sought-after test centre location for the Delft-based start-up Hardt's suspended...

Leading scientist Willem Mulder: ‘Frequent testing is crucial for predicting immune reactions’

The Netherlands is busy adapting in all kinds of ways in order to deal with the corona pandemic. But are our corona measures effective at all? What are the benefits of testing? And why does a vaccine take so long to develop? Biomedical chemist Willem Mulder offers...

New 3D printing method prints items made from different materials in one go

"3D printing must become very simple," says Konrad Schreiner, the founder of Plasmics. "If it's not user-friendly, you won't use it." In his 3D printing process, the entire object is printed - in one go. That means when he prints a lamp, it comes out of the printer...

Paradigm shift in the use of animal experiments: Fewer animals, more reliable results

Each year, around three million animals suffer and die in research laboratories worldwide. According to figures from the German Animal Welfare Federation, a total of 2,825,066 vertebrates and cephalopods (octopuses and squid) were 'used' for scientific purposes in...

Dossier Covid-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak is officially a pandemic. But history has taught us that it is precisely at those moments that mankind comes up with creative solutions. Innovation Origins reports about this every day in the Dossier Covid-19.

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