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We have a diverse team of about 20 professional journalists, that live and work in the Netherlands, Munich, Warsaw, and Vienna.

Who we are

Merien ten Houten


Merien ten Houten is an entrepreneur in Eindhoven and founder of Innovation Origins. As founder of, among others, ilse.nl and nu.nl, he has been working on media and technology for more than 20 years.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Ten Houten came to live in Eindhoven for his study. Since then he has been fascinated by Eindhoven and the region.

Bart Brouwers is a professor of journalism in Groningen and founder of Innovation Origins. Former editor-in-chief of De Limburger, Spits and the local platform dichtbij.nl.

Brouwers wrote three books: Alles voor het Nieuws, Wielrennen and Na de Deadline (All for News, Cycling and After the Deadline). Reports on everything that looks ahead. Married to Heddy, father of two adult children.

Frans van Beveren leads IO on a daily basis. He is fascinated by everything related to technical progress, innovation, sustainability and industrial design.

Arjan Paans

Editor in Chief

Arjan Paans is Editor in Chief of Innovation Origins. Between 2003 and 2008 he worked in Berlin as a foreign correspondent. Afterwards, he was a news manager for several Dutch newspapers. To work for such an ambitious project is a dream come true. Arjan is married en has one son.

Milan Lenters is a journalist and stayed with IO after his internship. Writes about student teams and large companies. Through IO, he got to know his native city of Eindhoven in a different way and sometimes looks with amazement at the many stories that lie ahead.

Linda Bak is a journalist with a fascination for statistics. In addition to words, she also uses figures to tell journalistic stories. She is always looking for new facts and special developments in her city.


    Born and raised in Leiden. After Amsterdam, New Delhi and Auckland now a resident of Eindhoven. Freelance journalist. Likes making understandable and interesting stories about difficult subjects. For IO I write a lot about tech, startups and design.

    Corine Spaans did an internship at IO and continued to write. She is especially interested in the stories of the people behind the innovations and has a passion for sports (innovations). She combines writing for IO with a job as a policy advisor in healthcare.

      Sabine in Braake is an entrepreneur and works on concept and copy for various companies. At the end of 2016, she joined the IO team.

      In addition to Innovation Origins, Sabine publishes the Eindhoven-based Mud Magazine twice a year. She loves the city where she once started as a student.

      Olga came to Eindhoven from Russia. Joining IO as a reporter soon after moving to Eindhoven was the ultimate way of getting acquainted with the smartest region of the world. Olga is fascinated by the innovative power of Eindhoven, its revolutionary technologies, and its unique multicultural community.

        Erika is a South African exploring Eindhoven’s exciting world of tech and innovation. As a non-native tech speaker, she finds ways to understand and present the many abstract and technical concepts generated in this busy region. She is an economist by training, loves to discover the human aspect in every story, and is amazed daily by Dutch efficiency. Erika is a freelance contributor to Innovation Origins, and to Radio4Brainport.

        Hildegard lives as a freelance journalist in Vienna and writes about all aspects of fashion production. She is interested in new trends in design, technology, and business. She is particularly excited about discovering interdisciplinary tendencies and the blurring of boundaries between different disciplines.
        The key element is technology, which changes all areas of life and work. Her career began with a creative and technical education. This gave her an insight into the construction and functioning of things. Her take on Journalism is shaped by the studies of market and opinion research, public communications and linguistics. In her leisure time, she goes out into nature, to art exhibitions or meets friends.

          Petra Wiesmayer is a journalist and author who has been in the business for well over 25 years. She has conducted hundreds of interviews in her career to-date with high-profile individuals and researched and written general entertainment and motorsports articles for numerous international media.
          As an avid science fiction fan she is fascinated by technology that could shape the future of mankind and enjoys reading and writing about it.

            Almut Otto has over 30 years of know-how in the communications industry. She learned the trade of journalism from scratch in a daily newspaper and in a special interest magazine. After studying communication sciences in Munich, she worked as an international PR manager in the textile, shoe, outdoor and IT industries for a long time.
            For some years now, she has been concentrating more on her journalistic background. As a passionate outdoor and water sports enthusiast – her hobbies include windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP boarding, sailing and snowboarding – she is particularly interested in keeping the oceans clean and shaping a sustainable future. In addition, she is always fascinated by the latest developments from the world’s hardware and software laboratories.

            Bregje writes about innovative ideas of students and startups

              Sanne writes about innovative ideas of startups and students

              Maureen Wilde


              After completing her training as a social security clerk, Maureen Wilde reoriented herself and worked in various countries in various journalistic fields. Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Cambodia are just a few of the stops she has been able to discover along the way. Next year she will complete her studies in Int. Tourism Management and Consultancy. For Innovation Origins, she writes about sustainability in combination with innovation and technology.

                Christiane is a journalist who is always curious and always ready to learn something new. In addition to IT and architecture, she is also at home in the areas of sustainability and food. And when she doesn’t write, she draws. Preferably sketch notes. This is her second passion – as a trained interior designer perhaps no surprise.

                  Corporate communications specialist and journalist. Writing about all kind of new technologies and solutions. Most experienced in industrial automation, future of transport and logistics and applications for industrial gases. Always interested when technology touches a personal level changing the way we do things. – For more than 30 years martial arts addict and Shiatsu practitioner.

                    Sylvia Vorspaget

                    Communications Manager

                    Sylvia Vorspaget is an entrepreneur and student. Always looking for challenges where her passions for marketing and communication come to its full advantage. As a communications manager at IO, she tries to make a difference.

                    Albert Jan Rasker


                    Albert Jan Rasker is a headstrong cartoonist/animator with a very broad interest and an original view on innovation. Before moving in the artistic direction, Albert Jan held various commercial roles in the ICT sector, where he always had his eyes and ears open. He has a strong urge to separate meaning from nonsense and visualizes it ruthlessly. Albert Jan lives with his girlfriend and 2 children in Amersfoort.

                    Anneke Maas


                    Anneke Maas is translator English – Dutch and Dutch – English for Innovation Origins. She currently studies to be an English Teacher at HAN Hogeschool in Nijmegen. Before, she lived and studied in England.

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