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Our German Team

Arjan Paans

Arjan Paans is editor-in-chief of IO Munich. Between 2003 and 2008 he worked in Berlin as a foreign correspondent. Aftewards he was a news manager for several Dutch newspapers. To work for a such ambitious project in Munich is a dream come true. Arjan is married en has one son.

Petra Wiesmayer

Petra Wiesmayer is a journalist and author who has been in the business for well over 25 years. She has conducted hundreds of interviews in her career to-date with high-profile individuals and researched and written general entertainment and motorsports articles for numerous international media.

Petra has a Masters of Arts degree in literature from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. She loves to travel, read, act, roller-blade and ride her bicycle.

As an avid science fiction fan she is fascinated by technology that could shape the future of mankind and enjoys reading and writing about it.

Volker Joksch

Corporate communications specialist and journalist. Writing about all kind of new technologies and solutions. Most experienced in industrial automation, future of transport and logistics and applications for industrial gases. Always interested when technology touches a personal level changing the way we do things. – For more than 30 years martial arts addict and Shiatsu practitioner.

Katharina Kirsch

Katharina is an expert in Storytelling and Content Strategy and has been working for over ten years in the Media Industry. She has been working for DLD Conference, an interdisciplinary, internationally connected platform for people who have changed or will change the world. She’s interested in stories where people show their creativity, their business model, their research findings or their personal involvement in a cause close to their heart. Katharina holds a Master in German Literature, Journalism and Business Studies from Bamberg and Gothenburg University. She loves her family, Franconian Beer, Twitter, Erich Kästner and riding her tandem.

Maureen Wilde

Maureen Wilde hat sich nach dem Abschluss ihrer Ausbildung zur Sozialversicherungsfachangestellten neu orientiert und in verschiedenen Ländern in unterschiedlichen journalistischen Bereichen gearbeitet. Australien, Neuseeland, Thailand und Kambodscha sind nur einige Stopps, die sie auf ihrem bisherigen Weg entdecken durfte. Nächstes Jahr schließt sie ihr Studium Int. Tourism Management and Consultancy ab. Für innovationorigins möchte sie vor allem über Nachhaltigkeit in Verbindung mit Innovation und Technik schreiben.