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Our Dutch Team

Bart Brouwers

Bart Brouwers is a professor of journalism in Groningen and founder of Innovation Origins. Former editor-in-chief of De Limburger, Spits and the local platform

Brouwers wrote three books: Alles voor het Nieuws, Wielrennen and Na de Deadline (All for News, Cycling and After the Deadline). Reports on everything that looks ahead. Married to Heddy, father of two adult children.

Renske Mehra

Born and raised in Leiden. After Amsterdam, New Delhi and Auckland now a resident of Eindhoven. Freelance journalist. Likes making understandable and interesting stories about difficult subjects. For IO I write a lot about tech, startups and design.

Bregje Simons

Writes for IO about the innovative ideas of students and startups

Merien ten Houten

Merien ten Houten is an entrepreneur in Eindhoven and founder of E52. As founder of, among others, and, he has been working on media and technology for more than 20 years.

At the beginning of the 1990s Ten Houten came to live in Eindhoven for his study. Since then he has been fascinated by Eindhoven and the region.

Sabine te Braake

Sabine in Braake is an entrepreneur and works on concept and copy for various companies. At the end of 2016, she joined the IO team.

In addition to Innovation Origins, Sabine publishes the Eindhoven-based Mud Magazine twice a year. She loves the city where she once started as a student.

Linda Bak

Linda Bak is a journalist with a fascination for statistics. In addition to words, she also uses figures to tell journalistic stories. She is always looking for new facts and special developments in her city.

Sanne Jeursen

Writes for IO about innovative ideas of students and startups

Frans van Beveren

Frans van Beveren leads IO on a daily basis. He is fascinated by everything related to technical progress, innovation, sustainability and industrial design.

Milan Lenters

Milan Lenters is a – almost graduated – journalist and stayed with IO after his internship. Writes about student teams and large companies. Through IO, he got to know his native city of Eindhoven in a different way and sometimes looks with amazement at the many stories that lie ahead.

Olga Koltsova

Olga came to Eindhoven from Russia. Joining IO as a reporter soon after moving to Eindhoven was the ultimate way of getting acquainted with the smartest region of the world. Olga is fascinated by the innovative power of Eindhoven, its revolutionary technologies, and its unique multicultural community.