The number of bankruptcies in the Eindhoven region is at its lowest in the last five years. A total of 13 companies, institutions and sole proprietorships went bankrupt in May of this year. In the previous month, the figure was 45.

There were also considerably fewer bankruptcies in the rest of the country. CBS reported that 370 companies and institutions declared bankruptcy in May, 84 fewer than in April. In particular, fewer companies in the sectors of trade and industry declared bankruptcy. The number of bankruptcies in May was at the lowest level since November 2008.

Most of the bankruptcies, that is, 88, were declared by financial institutions. The number of bankruptcies among trading companies dropped by 46 to 59, while the number of bankruptcies in industry almost halved from 38 in April to 20 in May. But it was the retail sector that declared the fewest bankruptcies.

Trade and financial services also form the majority of companies. Relatively speaking, the sectors of transportation and storage (25) and construction (52) experienced the highest number of bankruptcies in May.


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