Every month, Eindhoven’s city poet Nienke Esther Grooten, publishes a poem in English. This month’s poem is called “Hail Summer”.

Hail Summer - poem Nienke Esther Grooten juli2016

Summer’s raining down on usAnd all it does to me is this:
‘How nice, this saves me

Loads on watering the garden.

This’ll bring out tons of snails.


How do we calm down our cats?’

Cushions on the car windows

To keep them from shattering

In the next hail storm.

This is all it does to me


I see no storms at sea

I see no refugees

Not even gardeners, farmers

With their roots rotting away

At their feet


How small my little world

How grateful am I for

The occasional ray of sun to colour my arms

How little thought I give

To the ever available fruit in my shake


It’s going to continue to rain.

I think it’s about time I awake. 



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