The province of Brabant wants to collaborate with four different parties from government, the commercial sector and knowledge institutes to work on innovating the Nyrstar-terrain in Budel-Dorplein. The group will work under the name of Metalot, which has the ambition to grow to become an international hotspot for innovation and circular use of metals and energy. 

Metalot is a collaboration between Nyrstar, TU/e, Telos, de municipality of Cranendonck and the province of Brabant. The parties involved are planning to further develop the area surrounding Nyrstar whilst working on innovating the materials, work processes and economical aspects of the area, keeping durability in mind in the process. Which provides a challenge, because of the nature of the area, which was originally built for heavy industry.

Within Metalot entrepreneurs, government, researchers and students join forces to exchange knowledge and experiences. According to Philip de Goey, chairman of the board and Professor at TU/e, this will provide an acceleration of revolutionary developments within the area of metal and energy.

The initiative will have to be live as soon as April of this year. By then, ten researchers will have taken office in the Nyrstar-buildings to start their work. After that, more initiatives will follow. Keep an eye on further developments at Metalot’s website.



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