Twenty start-ups were in Eindhoven today to make their pitch for a place in the Startupbootcamp HighTechXL programme. Most of them flew in from abroad for a chance to be selected this weekend. Among them, a large Greek representation with no fewer than six candidates. Who are the start-ups competing for a spot? Below are the eleven winners and the nine other finalists. The selected start-ups will start the programme on 1 September.



country Slovenia product 3D printer for mass production special characteristics can print designs in just a few seconds instead of hours More info here


country Netherlands product 3D printer which can do all sorts, including printing food special characteristics recently closed a deal with the world’s largest producer of chocolate More info here

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country Netherlands product robots that can function (and navigate) without GPS, Wi-Fi or a physical infrastructure (think tracks) special characteristics simplifies the use of robots in warehouses and depots, for instance


country Netherlands product delivers live and real-time data about sports players’ physical performance onto your screen special characteristics watch football with extra info on your TV, such as how fast Robben takes a run


country Greece product software that converts MRI scans into high-quality images special characteristics increases MRI image accuracy by 65 to 90% More info here

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Photo: Startupbootcamp HighTechXL / Kimon Kodossis



country Slovenia product smart walkie-talkie: call, text and use GPS without any network  special characteristics handy for mountain-climber emergencies, as it’s always in range, and also during festivals when networks become overwhelmed More info here


country Greece product Internet of Things technology to make agricultural production more efficient special characteristics it’s expected that food production will need to increase by 69% by 2050 to be able to feed everyone on the planet More info here


country Netherlands product electrification of vehicle components special characteristics increases engine performance and reduces fuel consumption


country Greece product (largely) transparent solar panels special characteristics highly suited to greenhouses More info here


country China product the all-in-one smart bike speacial characteristics  integrated lock, lights and a GPS system on a super light frame. Oh, and it’s “very cute and sexy” More info here

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country Greece product sustainable solution for desalination special characteristics less wasted water

Other finalists


country Greece product smart umbrella special characteristics holiday 2.0: charge your phone, order drinks and always enjoy Wi-Fi with your smart umbrella on the beach More info here


country Netherlands product a relatively inexpensive (only €1100.00) and easy-to-use drone special characteristics put the drone together in just 43 seconds (see video) with the parts that you need, such as a certain type of camera


country India product ultra small antenna special characteristics combines all of the different antennae in your phone, e.g. for Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS, in one even smaller antenna


country Germany product smart monitoring system for factories special characteristics better aligns machines


country Slovenia product bluetooth item finder special characteristics label important items with Chipolo and you’ll always know where they are More info here


country France product high-tech soar panels special characteristics for vertical surfaces in urban areas More info here


country Netherlands product a “boutique car” special characteristics a luxury car in the highest segment with a unqiue open roof system and low C02 emissions More info here

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.31.17 AM


country Greece product an advanced instrument for light measurements special characteristics tunnels and roads no longer need to close for measuring illumination More info here


country Netherlands product built-in warning system to alert motorists to their driving behaviour special characteristics a handy signal for easily-distracted drivers More info here

The EY Sustainability Award was won by Brite Solar

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