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If you say internet, we say wifi. But that is about to change. At least if it is up to Signify. Because in the future, we will no longer use radio waves to stream a series, for example, instead internet will be via light. Straight from the ceiling. The Philips spin-off is releasing an update to the lifi system that the company has had on offer already for quite some time. A modem, which can be clicked into the Signify LED lighting, transmits data via invisible vibrations within the light. A USB dongle picks up these vibrations and communicates these to the modem via infrared. With the launch of the new system, Signify has significantly increased its speed: from 30 Mb per second to 150 Mb per second. Enough to stream thirty full-HD films at the same time according to the company. For the time being, only commercial parties in office buildings, hospitals or airports are able to be order it. But the Philips subsidiary expects a lot from this technology and believes that it can also become the standard for consumers.

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