The first limited editions of Hugsy have been sold. The beginning of the nationwide sales of the blankets.  “This way we are trying to bring the product to the attention of young parents.”

Hugsy is a blanket for babies who miss the physical contact with their mother. The blanket contains the scent of the mother and plays the mother’s heartbeat through a speaker. That way the baby gets the feeling that the mother is always nearby. “The limited edition is meant for babies who are already at home, so for the consumers market.” Sylvie Claes, owner of Hugsy, explains. There have also been designed blankets for (premature) babies who are still lying in the hospital. When purchasing this special version of Hugsy, the customer receives a full Goodie bag complete with car sticker, kangaroo care guide and a special bag. The blanket is also provided with the baby’s name. “In total, we are selling 99 of these blankets. We donate the hundredth to Foundation Early Bird Photography.” This foundation takes pictures of premature babies in the hospital to capture this memory for the parents.



“The next goal is to produce a larger load, so that we can really enter the consumers market”Sylvie Claes,

After the limited editions have sold out, Claes wants to expand the production of the blankets. “The next goal is to produce a larger load, so that we can really enter the consumers market.” The blankets are currently being made by hand, which consumes a lot of time and effort. “We are working together with local parties to increase production. That way we can work closely together and check the quality and the like.” For now, Hugsy is mostly spread and tested in and around Eindhoven, but the goal is to start selling nationally at the beginning of next year.

Even though the company wants to start spreading their product nationally, it remains located in Eindhoven. Claes: “I finish my master at the TU/e in July and after that we’re moving to the Klokgebouw. It is a creative and inspiring setting.” She doesn’t know what the future will look like yet. “We would like to work internationally, so I might move abroad in the future. But for now, I’m liking it in Eindhoven and I intend to stay for a while.”


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