King’s Commissioner Wim van de Donk: “As regions, we are important for the future of Europe”

Brabant and Bavaria: two originally agricultural communities that are currently inspiring the world with their high-tech innovations. That image was portrayed by Brabant’s King’s Commissioner Wim van de Donk in his speech to the Dutch consulate in Munich on Thursday. “We are proud regions that are also focused on Europe. Regions are becoming increasingly important in this context. Of course, states play the leading role, but Bavaria and Brabant are more important to Europe’s future than both of us sometimes think.”

Van de Donk’s speech, on the occasion of the celebration of King’s Day, dealt with the ‘culture of making’ in both regions. “Not only thinking, but also doing, is very important for innovation. Real innovation requires craftsmen. In this respect, too, we are allies: Brabant and Bavaria both love to make things. We have a creative maker’s culture, which makes us so innovative.”

The term ‘triple helix’ was not used, but the importance of the cooperation between governments, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions did pass by. Van de Donk: “There must, of course, be cooperation between administrators, but also between universities and entrepreneurs. That is what we need for the future. We are proud regions with a well-developed economy, always on the lookout for innovation. The residents of Bavaria and Brabant also find each other there. And always at the service of the great questions of our time: it really is not only about astronomy, but also about energy and all kinds of other major themes.”

Partly because of the strong ties between Brabant and Bavaria, E52 will soon also be starting up in Munich with a separate platform on innovation. Find out more about the exact plans at the beginning of June.

Part of the Kingsday celebration was a concert by the Bundespolizeiorchester München, led by Jos Zegers. The orchestra also played ‘Brabant’, a song by Brabander Guus Meeuwis.

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