A sold-out Philips Stadium, but this time 1,000 pair of eyes are only partly focused on the pitch. The audience also spreads over the dressing rooms, bars, business rooms and meeting rooms with illustrious names such as Ronaldo, Ralf Edström, Eric Gerets and Willy van der Kuylen. This is High Tech Capital, the meeting of startups, corporates, investors and everything in between.

On the field there’s food, and the startups can present themselves. In the catacombs of the stadium wise lessons and good practices are shared. The sessions with tips and tricks to attract investors are popular, but also the “founders pit(ch) stop” is doing well. VanBerlo Design talks – logically – about ways to give ideas a face, paying particular attention to not losing sight of the perspective of the user.

Experiences, wise lessons and fine suggestions are passed around on matters like intellectual property (Deloitte), negotiating (High Tech XL) and determining the financial value of your company ((Joanknecht & Van Zelst). In several rooms there are pitch contests as well: now there are so many potential investors in the house, you might as well show your best. We see calls for attention to safe smartphones, a car-sharing system, interactive shoes – seriously – a system for running vertically.

Below an impression by Oscar Vinck.

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