Smart sticker that changes its colour help defining if food is still fresh
Fresh Strips – located at High Tech Campus Eindhoven and partly consisting of TU/e-alumni – has been declared the chemical startup of 2017. This makes Fresh Strips the successor of Tusti, also from Eindhoven, who won the prize last year. The company of founders Koen Nickmans and Marios Chryssolouris has developed a sticker that by changing colour, at a glance makes clear whether the food in the packaging is still good or not. The winner was awarded the Golden Kiem Award at the international scientific chemistry conference Chains on 6 December.

In chemistry, there are numerous startups, which convert the results of scientific research into commercial products and services. The NWO area of Chemical Sciences, the Top Sector Chemistry, and InnovationLink want to make this young activity visible and reward the most remarkable example of this.

Fresh Strips has received 18,750 euros for a research project from NWO, and 6,250 euros from TKI Chemie to freely spend on research or publicity. In addition, the winner can count on the necessary online and offline publicity.

The other two nominees were nominated:

Boostani – This chemical startup of Margareta Merke has succeeded in replacing 70% of the multi-layer packaging of perishable foods such as meat with a single type of plastic packaging.

Plantics – The company of founder Wridzer Bakker is working on a thermohard biopolymer that is completely biodegradable, compostable and affordable.


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