Half of the approved European ERAnet projects for research on user safety around the Internet of Things, come from Eindhoven. In total, six projects were honored. The University of Twente will receive funding for a project as well. The exact amounts of the fundings have yet to be decided on.

Earlier this month, the project coordinators within the call “User-Centric Security, Privacy and Trust in the Internet of Things” (SPTIoT) of the ERAnet Chist-ERA (European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies ERA -NET) were informed about the financing of their projects. Eindhoven and Twente work in their projects with universities from Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom and France.

More about the Eindhoven projects:

Cocoon, “Emotion psychology meets cybersecurity in IoT smart homes“, led by dr. Ir. A. Haan.

ID_IOT, “IDentification for the Internet Of Things“, led by Dr. B. Skoric.

USEIT, “User empowerment for Security and privacy in the Internet of Things“, led by prof. Dr. T. Lange.

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