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The Dutch healthcare organization ZuidOostZorg presented the results of their preliminary tests with the GemVision SmartGlass last week. The SmartGlass is a pair of glasses that allows healthcare providers to help each other remotely. When, for example, a home caregiver has to take care of a complex wound, a nurse can use the glasses to keep an eye on things from a distance.


Roelfien Erasmus, Technology Program Manager at ZuidOostZorg: “These glasses have lots of different uses. You can easily make use of each other’s expertise by observing each other work.” The glasses would also make communication between geriatric care, general practitioners, and hospitals easier.

“Another way of using the glasses is in coaching and retraining employees or when you want someone from the technical department to take a look.”


GemVision supplies the SmartGlass to ZuidOostZorg. The Rotterdam-based software company already supplies various companies in the healthcare sector but also in education and the industrial sector. In the latter sector, for example, the SmartGlass can be used for training up new employees. When new employees encounter a problem, they can present it to other employees remotely. Instructions can be given immediately this way.

SmartGlass application

ZuidOostZorg was given the opportunity to test the glasses before putting them into operation. The SmartGlass applications have been assessed at different locations and in different situations. Employees have been very positive so far, according to ZuidOostZorg.

The director of ZuidOostZorg, Simone Meertens, believes that this technology is a solution to several problems public healthcare is facing. “We have long been convinced that technology can make all the difference in healthcare. Smart technology can support us in the care that we provide to our customers. This is why it is important that we experiment with it.”

ZuidOostZorg is now looking into how well the glasses can be applied in practice.

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