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Eindhoven-based ZENS will soon reveal its version of wireless charger for iPhone 7. De ZENS iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case is the first iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case that is both Qi and MFi certified globally.

MFi certification means that the product is officially recognised by Apple as a way to charge their phones. The Qi-certification, does the same for Samsungs (among others) models and means the charging case can be charged by using any type of USB-cable.

According to ZENS the game of Wireless charging will get a push towards the mainstream automotive market soon. In the last few months, manufacturers such as Audi, Ford and BMW have made known they will start to implement the technique in their new models.

The product Zens made will be available for sale at the end of February, it will cost 49,99 euro.

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