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The month of June is officially over and that means that we ‘ll take a look back on what we’ve covered. Every weekday Innovation Origins publishes a Start-up of the Day and every Saturday the winner of the week is announced.

The weekly winners are determined by our editorial staff and are on their way to the Start-up of the Month vote. And the input of our readers is also taken into account, and not just a little bit, because the winner of our readers poll accounts for half of the voting results! The voting ends on Friday, 5 July 2019 at 17.00.

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Here is a brief introduction to the four Start-ups of the Week from June.

Week 23: Transform every Bike into an E-bike.

Why is there a separate market for ‘normal’  bicycles and e-bikes? The German Start-up Pendix tackles this problem with their easy-to-assemble engine which can be attached to any bicycle.

Saying goodbye to your analogue bike is no longer necessary as it can now be easily transformed into an electric bike. Simplicity and flexibility are fundamental.

Week 24: Customer Service for Pregnancy

Nestmedic monitors the health of unborn babies by remote. This removes the need for a pregnant woman to make an appointment with a midwife, saving both time and money.

Is there nothing wrong? A reassuring text message will be sent. But if there are any complications, appropriate medical support is called in immediately. And they already have a success story: the Polish start-up prevented a baby from suffocating itself with its own umbilical cord.

Week 25: Water treatment using Nanotechnology

Many sectors now know that nanotechnology is multi-functional. However, this is not being used in water treatment on a significant scale yet.

The Italian start-up Innovacarbon has developed tiny carbon tubes which absorb undesirable substances, making the purification of water cheaper and more efficient. Universal access to clean drinking water is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

Week 26: Smart Solar Panels on the Roads

Usually, asphalt is not really associated with sustainability, but if it is up to Solmove GmbH, this is about to change. Following on from rooftops, these solar cells can also be used to generate clean energy on roads.

And that’s not all, with the solar cells from this start-up, our roads are also made ‘smart’ so that they can communicate with traffic lights and traffic information systems. This is where safer traffic and sustainable energy generation come together.