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Eindhoven, Bari, Copenhagen, Basel, Tallinn and Charleroi are the six new destinations that Wizzair has chosen for its base in Kutaisi, Georgia. Wizzair, originally from Hungary, is the leading low-cost carrier in Georgia. To perform the new service, Wizzair has added a third Airbus A320 aircraft for its Kutaisi base. The new routes are open for three days a week, from August. A ticket will cost €20.

WIZZ started operations from Kutaisi International Airport in 2012 With the six new routes, Wizzair offers 27 routes to 18 countries from Georgia. In 2018, the airline has carried 643,000 passengers on its Georgian routes. The six new routes will bring an additional 98,000 seat capacity to the airline’s Georgian network.

From  Eindhoven, Wizzair now flies to 21 destinations, most of them in Eastern Europe. In Georgia, Wizzair will compete with Georgian Airways, that has services from  Amsterdam and Brussels to the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

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