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The Corona pandemic has changed working life in many ways. Most visible is a new perception of the office environment, be it at home or in an official office space. And what’s more, employers and managers are more aware than ever that there is hardly anything more important than making their workers happy at work. When people come to your office to work; they want to be comfortable, be inspired, and be appreciated. When they stay at home to do their job, it’s exactly the same.

How you can change your office in a positive way to ensure that everyone who works under your roof is happy and productive every day? We’ve gathered some experiences that may be of help.

Create a bright office space 

The first thing to consider when designing a workspace for success is the office itself. When you rent or buy an office for your employees it is important to choose a space which is bright and spacious to promote a clear mind and productivity. It has been proven that space with more natural light and space promotes people to work harder because it allows fresh airflow and keeps people awake and alert. If you want your employees to be happy and to work hard – invest in an office with big windows or install some bright spotlights on the ceilings. 

Allow working from home 

The working world is very different from what it once was, and it is important in the modern world to try and accommodate flexible working for your employees. Working from home has become the norm in many companies, and after the pandemic, it has been some hung many smaller companies have relied on. Be sure that you make the most of your capabilities and allow employees to work from home if they want to this year. It will make a massive difference to morale in the office and will allow people to feel valued and appreciated as well as trusted. 

Be flexible with time 

It is important to know that work is not the be-all and end-all of life. When you are managing your employees you need to be aware that their career is not the only part of their life that is important to them – they also have families and other commitments. It is very important as an employer to be flexible with your working schedule and allow employees to give you as much time as they possibly can. You can consider taking expert tips for managing time-off requests to ensure that you are still firm but that you don’t upset people who might want time off to be with their families. Understanding work-life balance is crucial. 

Be there for your team 

One brilliant way to make your team happier and more trusting of you is to be a supportive figure in their lives. By supporting your team and being there for them when they are struggling with life you will garner a better relationship with your workers and they will be so much happier than they were before. Spend your time talking to your employees to understand their goals, hopes, dreams, and concerns. Showing off your supportive side is a crucial part of being a good manager and your employees will be happier people because of it. 

Offer training and support 

It is crucial as a manager that you invest your time and money in the professional and personal development of your workers. If you want to be a good boss and make your employees happy, ensure that you offer training and growth for employees and allow them to thrive. Not only is it a good idea for you to improve employee skills for your benefit, but they will be able to go further with their career if you do this. 

Create a calm break area 

When creating an office space that is practical as well as comfortable it is important to consider using part of your office space as a calming zone for people to enjoy their breaks. When considering work-life balance, it is a good idea in the office to bring some semblance of a homely space to encourage your employees to take some time away from their desks during the day. Adding a sofa, some reading material, and some cozy blankets is a good way to promote calm and allow employees to refresh during the day before coming back to do better work when they return to their desks. 

Bring in some greenery 

It has been proven that plants promote relaxation and reduce stress – and where is more stressful than a workplace? If you want to bring some color as well as calm energy to your office space this year consider adding some houseplants and fresh flowers. As plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen they will relax your employees and make them happier at work.