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Sometimes, only sometimes, we think we should turn Innovation Origins into a website about mobility. Everything, well, almost everything about this theme is devoured by you. Our most read story of the past year was written by scientist Auke Hoekstra and was about the discussion whether electric driving is really cleaner than the combustion engine. And last week’s favourite story was about the upcoming launch of the Lightyear One and its German sister Sion.

Our mission

We soon leave that thought behind when we realise what wonderful innovations we would have to leave behind. For example, in the field of health care or the innovation climate in the Netherlands and (far) abroad. Because our mission, exactly one year after our start as an international platform, remains the same: to give a face and a voice to the people and organisations working on solutions to the major social problems of today and tomorrow. Based on their performance, we tell the stories that may offer some confidence in our future. The “sneak preview of the future” that we offer every day not only shows that there is still a lot to change in our world and our western lifestyle, but also that there are countless people and organizations that actually take up this challenge. And if, for example from the visitor figures and the concrete reactions we get to our publications, we notice that our stories are a source of inspiration for large groups of readers, this makes us proud and happy at the same time. That’s what we do it for!

Story of Innovation

Of course we still write a lot about the region of Noord-Brabant, where our roots lie and where a lot of Dutch high-tech comes from. But just like many of those wonderful companies from our home region, our ambition extends further, much further. In addition to our head office in Eindhoven, we now also have a team of reporters in Munich and individual employees in places such as Tilburg, Utrecht, Groningen, Enschede, Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw and Vienna. But that is far from enough, we are well aware of that. In order to be able to continue to tell the story of innovation to its full extent, even more feelers are needed.

In the coming year, Innovation Origins, which reaches more than 50,000 unique readers each month, will continue to look for the best in the field of innovation. With even more attention to the people behind the company in a daily series about start-ups. And with a strong focus on the themes that we find important: high-tech, AI, food supply, care, energy, industry, sustainability and last but not least….. mobility.