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Medication is essential when you have rheumatoid arthritis. “In the past, your foreland was a wheelchair, which was difficult to control. But today, the quality of life has increased tremendously,” says Karen Bevers, a rheumatologist and medical manager of the rheumatology department at the Sint Maartenskliniek. “We have medicine to thank for that. Still, there are many reasons to look at it critically. Patients often use the medication for the rest of their lives, with all sorts of side effects. And it is costly, in part because pharmaceutical companies earn handsomely on the drugs they develop.”

Less medication use reduces the number of side effects for the patient, and in addition, it saves many millions on medication costs,“ Karen Bevers adds. “Less is more is our approach.” The specialized center has developed innovative, evidence-based initiatives that make it possible to reduce overall medication use for rheumatoid arthritis care by about 30 percent. 

…but who takes care of those pitiful pharma pharmacists…? Albert Jan Rasker takes a look in their brains. In the meantime, we can see the progress made thanks to people like Karin Bevers. Read the report by Cindy Cloin:

Innovatieve reumazorg vermindert medicijngebruik  – Innovation Origins – “Minder medicijngebruik vermindert het aantal bijwerkingen voor de patiënt en daarnaast scheelt het vele miljoenen op de kosten voor medicatie.”
But there was more, much more. Below is a small selection of our lavish offerings from last week. Don’t fancy this editorial selection? All good, here is the complete overview of last week.
MIT professor Trumper: shortage of mechatronics engineers is worrisome – A professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most prestigious technical universities in the world, has a warning: the shortage of mechatronics engineers is worrisome.
With these innovations, you’ll soon be living in a circular and sustainable home – The house of the future is green and circular. Shortly, you will be able to build a house with bricks baked with hydrogen.
How Green Caravan makes it easier for you to charge your car faster and more sustainably – Nowadays, 1 in 3 new cars is electric, and with that comes a rise in demand for green charging stations.
Naples is building a metro station with timber wood – Naples is building a new metro station in mass timber. The architecture studio EMBT unveiled some pictures of the underground station being constructed.
Ten questions about Direct Air Capture: removing CO2 from the air – They are springing up like mushrooms these days: start-ups that remove CO2 from the air with the help of Direct Air Capture (DAC for short). Carbyon is one of them.
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