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Philips Lighting is introducing two innovations in LED lighting: one intended for street lighting, the other to replace the old fluorescent tube.

According to Philips, the TrueForce LED Road is “the first of its kind to fit into the standard lamp holder and produce a light effect similar to that of conventional street lighting”. This lamp should reduce the time required to maintain, replace and install each street lamp. In addition, operating costs are saved due to the longer service life of more than eight years plus energy savings of up to 45% compared to conventional lamps.

Philips is also launching a new range of universal tubes, the CorePro LEDtube Universal T8. These are mainly intended for wholesale trade and industry. The lamp “makes installing tubes as easy as they used to be with fluorescent tubes”, says the manufacturer. Here too, according to Philips, energy savings are high: about 65%.

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