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TU Eindhoven is high up on the list of technology universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2016. While Eindhoven has been climbing the ladder of the general, global ranking of universities for eight years, in terms of the Engineering disciplines TU/e scores remarkably well. In two Engineering categories it is among the very top of its class globally: Civil Engineering in tenth spot and Materials Science & Engineering in twentieth. The ARWU Shanghai Ranking is the oldest and most well-known ranking for universities worldwide. In first spot, as in previous years, is the American Harvard University.

Source: press release TU/e

The ARWU has seven ‘engineering’ categories: Civil Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Energy Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Environmental Science & Engineering. In six of these TU/e is in the world’s top 50.

24th worldwide, 6th in Europe, best Dutch TU

In the ARWU ‘medals table’ of engineering TU/e is 24th in the world, 6th in Europe and number one in the Netherlands. The ARWU sorts the TU’s in this list primarily by the number of positions in the top 20’s of the seven engineering disciplines and then by the number of top 100 positions. TU/e’s high position – 6th in Europe – is largely attributable to the top-20 rating for Civil Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering. The top three for engineering are all American universities: Berkeley (1), MIT (2) and Stanford (3).

Various criteria are used in compiling the Shanghai Ranking, like the number of scientific publications, the frequency with which a publication is cited, international cooperation and scientific research with industry. The winning of awards is also a feature in determining the outcome.

The ranking is officially called the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), but is often referred to as the Shanghai ranking. The publication is regarded as one of the most prominent for universities worldwide. The ARWU decides on the position in the ranking and the associated category rankings by looking at aspects such as the number of alumni and staff that have won a Nobel Prize or Fields Medal, the number of highly-cited academics and scientists as well as the number of publications in scientific journals like Nature or Science.

TU/e position in engineering subjects worldwide:

Civil Engineering: 10th
Materials Science & Engineering: 20th
Chemical Engineering: 27th
Energy Science & Engineering: 29th
Mechanical Engineering: 33rd
Electrical & Electronic Engineering: 45th
Environmental Science & Engineering: 151-200