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The importance of technology in our society can be seen in various ways during Dutch Technology Week (DTW). Companies, governments and knowledge institutions are working together on a week full of technological surprises. TNO is a partner in the DTW. What is the role of this independent research organisation during DTW, and what is it aiming at?

“By joining Dutch Technology Week, we can once more position ourselves as an innovative party in the regions of Eindhoven and Delft,” says Kees Nanninga of TNO. “In this way, we show that we contribute to economic growth and solving social problems. This year, we are bringing many of our partners together for substantive discussions and to reflect on relevant issues, among other things. But there’s also time for some fun.”

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Semicon Innovation Day

For example, on 21 May TNO Semicon Innovation Day will be held in Delft, where the semicon domain (semiconductors, such as LEDs) will be brought together for substantive discussions. Technical experts will discuss the challenges and solutions that TNO and its partners have been focusing on recently. This conference will bring together technology leaders from the major industry players and research institutes to not only talk about the status of solutions but also the needed innovations and the ways forward for semicon metrology, contamination control and manufacturing.

In addition, TNO participates in various other events during the DTW.

From Einstein to iPhone

One of these is the Quiz Night XL, on 23 May. During this eighth edition, the most diverse questions will be discussed. From Einstein to iPhone, from Newton to Hawking, in short, about both the history and the present of science. Nanninga: “We have reserved 7 tables for TNO employees during the Quiz Night XL, where we will compete with 35 TNO employees.”

The research organisation is also participating in Female Tech Heroes on May 21, an event that is linked to DTW for the first time this year. High Tech Campus organises it and TNO’s Bilim Atli-Veltin is one of the speakers. “She is TNO’s Young Excellent Researcher of the Year 2018, through research into the storage of sustainably generated energy using liquid hydrogen as a carrier. Conversion from electricity to hydrogen is of great importance in the energy transition.”

“Entrepreneurship can only be achieved by means of craftsmanship, creativity and brainpower.”

Proud of the Dutch high tech sector

TNO is an independent R&D partner in the Eindhoven and Delft regions. “One of our main objectives is to set up partnerships to bring the right parties together to achieve technological breakthroughs. Facilitating the debate between these parties is part of our job,” says Nanninga. “That’s why we like to increase our visibility and present our portfolio to specific target groups. This will enable us to demonstrate our R&D role in Dutch industry, to be present and to explain what we are already doing or may still be able to do.”

An important goal TNO wants to achieve during Dutch Technology Week is not only to show the enthusiasm and successes of the Dutch tech industry but also to raise awareness among visitors that entrepreneurship is essential for the Dutch high-tech sector. “Entrepreneurship can only be achieved by means of craftsmanship, creativity and brainpower. By connecting parties, you achieve more,” concludes Nanninga. “And of course we want more women in technology!”