High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Sjoerd Romme wrote a White Paper about the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. In the document, he exposes the DNA of the campus. We asked him about the campus, the choices that are made behind closed doors, and the rental prices. And we received honest answers: “Yes, they are high, but the campus is also a Porsche.”

Romme is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the TU/e. He wrote the White Paper on behalf of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The document is intended for CTOs and CEOs. “The people who make the decisions in the business world. They need to see what the campus has to offer.

Romme wrote the document on behalf of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Its content is positive, identifying the qualities of the campus. “But I did not make a brochure. I am, first and foremost, a scientist, and I can substantiate everything that I put into the campus paper.

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    The professor gives the reader an interesting behind the scenes glimpse into the campus that has grown into the smartest square kilometer in the world over the past ten years. Within the campus buildings, the rule applies that there is just one place to eat on the campus: at the Strip, where the restaurants are lined up, one after the other.

    Those restaurants didn’t just fall out the sky like that. According to Romme, they are placed in such a way so that all employees leave their buildings and go to the central strip during their lunch time. Apart from a small kitchen, none of the other buildings are allowed to have a dining space. The result is clear: around lunch time the strip is full.

    “The campus puts itself on the map as a place of collaboration.”Sjoerd Romme, Proffessor Entrepeneurship and Innovation at the TU/e

    It seems like an insignificant detail, but it isn’t. “The campus puts itself on the map as a place of collaboration. Because all disciplines meet at lunch, the chance of a meeting that boosts innovation and co-operation will increase a lot this way.”

    That is one of the ways that the campus management stimulates connections between different entrepreneurs and technicians. Another weapon in the success of co-operation in the selection of companies. That takes place behind the scenes. “A campus candidate must do two things. 1. Fall under a technical domain. 2. Constantly innovate.”

    “If one of those functions falls by the wayside, the selection of another campus will be made quickly.” According to Romme, the companies that are already on the campus will find another place if innovation or technology are no longer at the top of their list.

    And that is because of the high rental prices. In comparison to other business precincts, a square meter on the campus costs considerably more. “Yes, the rental prices are high. But they are fair. Other locations do not have clean rooms, for example.”

    Other locations also have a less active campus management. “And that is where the High Tech Campus Eindhoven really stands out; a clear selection and constant organization of activities that connects the companies on the campus.

    Therefore, the High Tech Campus is a place where innovation continues to grow. “It is much more than real estate management. “On this campus, square meters are not just rented, they are arranged so that the campus can continue to grow.”

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