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From an app that helps refugees understand a new culture to a global peer to peer platform for surfers. Tomorrow, fifteen teams from across Europe, will present their latest mobile applications in Eindhoven and compete for a spot in the Global Mobile Challenge.

Barcelona, ​​the world capital of mobile services, has asked the High Tech Campus to host the European finals of the Mobile Challenge. Read our previous article on this. Meanwhile the nominees have been announced. Who are they? And what is the EU Mobile Challenge all about? Here’s a brief overview.


The Mobile Challenge, organized by the IE Business School and 4YFN (4 Years From Now), is designed for startups with a mobile strategy. The European finals will be held in Eindhoven tomorrow. The three winners will continue on to the world finals in late February, which is part of the renowned Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Speakers at the event in Eindhoven tomorrow include Alberto Prado (Head of Digital Accelerator at Philips) on corporate entrepreneurship and William Davila Valeri (COO StudyPortals) who talks about The World of the Future. The complete program can be found below and is open to anyone interested in mobile innovations.

These are the apps that compete for a spot in the finals

One of the highlights of the program is of course the pitches of the fifteen selected teams. These are the candidates:

Fysio24 (from the Netherlands) provides instructions, information and daily exercises for prevention and recovery of common injuries.

Badi (from Spain) is a search engine for the rental market. The app connects property owners, renters and flat mates implementing matching, integrated chat and profile swiping.

Cardberry (from Russia) can replace all your loyalty, discount and gift cards, all membership cards and even pass card of your office by transferring it into one place in a digital mobile app.

Doon’tpanic (from the Czech Republic) is a lost and found mobile application for lost belongings, animals and even people. In addition to being a database of missing items, Doon’tpanic also works as a communication tool which can be used to alert people when needed.

Glympse (from France) allows people to communicate in a completely new and funny way thanks to augmented reality technology.

Kidsy (from Denmark) is an app where caregivers can manage pedagogical work, document the child’s activity and inform parents in real-time. Parents receive a visual diary with practical information about their child (nap time, toilet info, photos, etc.).

Mybeweeg (from Andorra) is a platform where health professionals are able to create training plans, workouts and diets and share with their customers to follow their progress. These professionals are also able to sell their knowledge and products on the marketplace.

Outbarriers (from Spain) is an app for visual impaired people using sound advises, ranging from an alert of a risky point in the street to detailed information of a business (accessibility, services, promotions), thanks to the use of beacons.

qbmobile (from Poland) is an app for cities and tourist objects that allows voice guided tours, ticket purchase, sightseeing with game elements and fast access to information about near gastronomic offers.

Refugee Scout (from Germany) helps refugees to understand a new culture easily and quickly.

Same Same (from France) is visual translator for travelers. Just write what you are looking for, and the app will propose a picture, adapted to the country you are visiting.

ShareMad (from Spain) is a peer to peer online platform and digital app in which local surfers can rent out their surfing equipment to traveling surfers.

SkipQ (from the UK) is a self checkout mobile app. It allows customers to pay on the go and avoid queues at their favorite fashion stores.

Watanoo (from Switzerland) is a platform to match skilled workers with people in need of their talents. Whether you need a light bulb changed or your entire house repainted.

Whatson Planner (from the Netherlands) is a tool to quickly schedule meetings. The app instantly finds the three best options to meet without sharing your agenda.

Tomorrow more on the three winners who will take of to the world finals in Barcelona.

This is the complete program of the European finals in Eindhoven:

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