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Just a few steps up and you can find yourself in NXP‘s Internet of Things (IoT) truck: “a world of innovation“. Or as the Dutch company says: an ecosystem full of solutions. All kinds of products of the Dutch company and its partners are brought together in the truck: from the micro:bit to multimedia thermostats and security cameras. Today The High Tech Campus is visited.

It is a tour through a variety of applications and products by chipmaker NXP. The IoT truck, as the huge yellow vehicle is called, is divided into different sections of which smart home applications is one. Security cameras with Wi-Fi hanging on the wall. But also wireless speakers that work on NFC, Near Field Communication: a wireless way to send small pieces of information within a ray of ten centimeters.

In this truck it is just a matter of three steps to the right from the smart house to portable technology. Watches that can do much more than just display the time. Like the MIRFARE. At first glance it looks like a perfectly normal watch, but in the meantime it is your wallet as well as your door key.

Today is the last day to see the truck in Eindhoven. Tomorrow the vehicle departs to the following destinations in Europe. Worldwide there are just three of these trucks – they cross the continents and stop in different cities and countries for a demonstration. The Smarter World Tour is meant to celebrate NXP’s merger with Freescale.