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The pandemic didn’t just take a toll on our health. It also affected our economy. Because of this, many companies were forced to close down, giving fewer opportunities to fresh graduates. What will happen now?

The real world after you graduate can be confusing. How will you build your future, especially during these times? Do you have the budget for postgraduate studies in the future? These are all issues previous generations didn’t have to face, but it is 2021 after all, and there are new solutions on the horizon.

Being a graduate, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind right now. Some might not be that easy answer right now. But one of the important things you should focus on is to understand what you might encounter after you graduate. To help you prepare for what’s out there, here are the common challenges most fresh graduates face today.


Unless your family is well-off and has backed you with an estate, graduating means you need a job to pay your bills. Even if they have, the time after graduation is the time to start leading your separate life. This means you need to go out there and work. However, the pandemic is still out there. Thus, your health is still at risk. Following all protective measures, no matter how boring they might get is still the best way to get through this.


Your bills aren’t going to pay themselves. But the pandemic is making it hard to earn a living these days. Many UK companies have closed because of the pandemic. Because of this, it’s harder to find an employer who will hire you as you have a lot of competitors, yet a quarter of the companies today have already closed. Some were lucky enough to stay afloat, but they can only hire a few fresh graduates.

If your interests lie in academia, and you’re considering further studies you’ll likely face scheduling issues. If you work a 40-hour week and plan to truly participate in your postgraduate studies, you might be up for disappointment. There are just so many hours in the day, and your attention is limited. One of the popular options mitigating this issue is taking out a  postgraduate loan so you can solely focus on your studies. Looking into the options available, you’ll discover that there is a diverse choice.

Overcoming Financial Challenges

The government may be offering programs and other options to help lighten the burden. However, the government alone can’t shoulder all of the fees you might need. So, you’ll likely face added challenges for it.

Plus, you’d still need to think about your bills. All of these negativities can make you fall deeper into despair. But regardless of your financial struggles, there’s still hope. The government, as well as other organizations, are lending their hands to fresh graduates like you to lighten the load even just a bit. There is a broad range of grants, fellowships, and even work programs that can help you fund your future academic career.

It’s already overwhelming for fresh graduates to face the real world even before the pandemic happened. Unfortunately, things are more formidable and uncertain today. But knowing these challenges that you might encounter as you finish, your studies will help you prepare for them, set your expectations, and plan for more ways to overcome them.