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The twenty nominees for Brains Award in 2016 are uncovered. The jury has selected the most original and creative ideas that are eligible for one of the six awards. Students from Fontys, TU/e, Summa College, Sint Lucas and Design Academy had until April 15 to submit their plans.

dtwE52 publishes a series of articles in preparation for the Dutch Technology Week (23-29 May). This is the sixth part. Here the earlier parts.


The nature of the 20 ideas offers, according tothe jury, “a nice reflection of what young people are currently engaged with.” Sustainability is among the main topics, especially when compared to previous years. “Problems the students are trying to tackle are often related to the every day irritations they experience themselves. Popular were innovations for festivals, public transport and health care. It was also striking that the sought solutions are increasingly related to the use of beacons and sensors.”

The festive presentation of the Brains Award will take place on Wednesday, May 25th, during the Dutch Technology Week. The nominated students then pitch their ideas to a jury and the audience. Studio040 will take care of the live TV broadcast, which means that TV viewers at home can also vote for their favorite candidate by SMS. The candidate with the most votes will win the Audience Award.

In addition to the Audience Award, there are five other awards. The Livability Award of the City of Eindhoven, the DLL Sustainability Award, and three innovation awards in education (MBO, HBO, WO), each with a value of 3,000 euros. In addition, the overall best idea will receive an additional bonus of 2,000 euros. “By winning an award and the associated prize money each winning student gets the opportunity to develop his or her idea further.”

The 20 nominees:

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 22.16.081. CREATINE BIOSENSOR is a sensor developed by TU Eindhoven Sensus Team (T.E.S.T.). This simple handheld device determines the amount of creatine in a drop of blood and is a fast, inexpensive and reliable device to determine the status of kidney patients.

2. PERSBAK is a mechanical system attached to a trash bin, to crush the trash, which results in trash bins that need to be emptied less quickly.

3. FESTITRAY is a beverage tray with a lid to use in areas where it is very busy, like at festivals.

4. The LEARNING ON THE MOVE online platform allows students from different educational institutions to collaborate using an intelligent, interdisciplinary and independent level system.The learning system offers an innovative form of education.

5. FESTI-SLEEVE is a handy box to store coins during festivals. This tube saves a lot of time.

6. POPCORN GRID is a grid made of cardboard that is located at the bottom of a cup whereby non-popped corn ends up in the reservoir which is located below the grid.

7. SMART EMERGENCY LIGHTING is a system that is linked to the location feature on the smartphone and directs the user in emergency situations to a route pointing to the fire exit.

8. WAVE is an innovative and durable, beautifully designed instrument for doing the dishwashing and works with ultrasound. Even with cold water washing up with the wave is a breeze.

9. JIMFIT is a smart knee brace with motion sensors that measure whether you are performing the practices of the physiotherapist correctly. A smartphone app analyzes the movements, providing immediate feedback and is linked to the physiotherapist’s website.

10. MOVING ITEM FOR ELDERLY WITH DEMENTIA is an old-fashioned gramophone player (handset) that stimulates the movement of demented elderly.

11. ACTIVE PRESSURE STOCKING is a compression stocking with the latest materials and technology. By a woven-sensor system, you can regulate the pressure of the stocking.

12. CONNECTOWL is a bluetootch beacon platform that uses a universal standard for beacons from Google. The idea is to set up the platform in such a way that the application of beacons is simplified.

13. OV-CHECK APP is an app that allows all data from your OV-chip card to be checked. Linked to the railway system, the traveler may also receive direct messages.

14. REFLECTION is a product that you can attach to the top of your laptop and allows you to record the image that is in front of the laptop.

15. CHILDREN’S CARDS is a set of cards that breaks the taboo surrounding infertility and starts the conversation about it.

16. FOREST / PINE WOOL is a research project to find applications for the 420 million kilograms of pine needles falling annually from the 600 million conifers in Europe.

17. SMART LOCK is a smart bike lock that uses a sensor and automatically starts working when the owner is 2 meters from his or her bike. It is linked to an app.

18. FöRDELAR SHOWER is a shower thermostat that slowly decreases the temperature of the shower water so you will quickly leave the shower. This reduces the shower time considerably.

19. POST PROCESSING 3D PRINTED PRODUCTS is a treatment process for 3D printed products that evens out imperfections.

20. E-BIKE BALANCE is a mechanical / electrical wheel system for an e-bike consisting of two arms with wheels placed between the crankshaft and the front wheel. This contributes to the bicycle safety and cycling comfort.