Can we have a little more compassion?

Living and working from a sense of compassion and empathy is not airy-fairy, but, as Eveline van Zeeland discovered, it is actually the key to more successful innovation.

Stretch your brain’s agility

It almost went unnoticed. On June 9, Edward de Bono, the godfather of creative thinking, the jack-of-all-trades who stood at the foundation of so many innovative concepts, passed away.

A world designed for men

It is time that we stopped seeing men as the standard, both in science and practice, our columnist Eveline van Zeeland writes.

How a restart succeeds

Any entrepreneur can fail, but not everyone can start over. Columnist and fuck-up expert Bert Overlack explains how to do it.

Take care of the world, start with yourself!

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, nearly fifty percent of impact-driven entrepreneurs are burdened by stress. Willemijn Verloop explains why she wants to do something about it.