Power and energy: don’t mix it up

Is grid overload a showstopper? The answer is obvious: not at all. After all, peak power can be solved with smart software and charging strategies, Maarten Steinbuch says.

The finish line for fossil races is near

Car manufacturers will rather invest their millions in the technology of the future than in the technology of the past. That's why e-racing will ultimately replace Formula 1, Maarten Steinbuch writes.

Other emissions require other solutions

Even if our emissions-free cars will soon be running on fully renewable electricity, the environmental problem of mobility has not yet been solved, Carlo van de Weijer writes.

The ‘hydrogen bike’, why should you?

Using hydrogen for non-necessary applications leads to higher CO2 emissions in other applications and that is bad for the environment, Maarten Steinbuch concludes.

Your car has a lot to hide

All the data a car generates is valuable for a lot of people and organizations. As a user, it's good to be aware of this, Carlo van de Weijer writes.

Speed limits on the Autobahn

The urgency of the climate problem demands us to work more from home, and also to apply maximum speed limits everywhere in Europe, Maarten Steinbuch writes.

Lightyear: efficiency above anything else

Columnist Carlo van de Weijer reflects upon the Helmond-based car manufacturer's record breaking milestone. Being efficient may be more rewarding than being luxurious, he writes.

Into the air – fast and clean

Ten years after his first experience with an electric car, Maarten Steinbuch has now flown electric for the first time. He describes his experiences.

Where is the driver?

Clearly naming all the parties involved in an accident can bring more awareness that participating in traffic involves more responsibility than just thinking we can do it, Carlo van de Weijer writes.

Are we going to fly supersonic after all?

Sooner or later our irrational thirst for speed will make us fly supersonic again. For now, this is too expensive to be a realistic option, and rather shameless as well, Carlo van de Weijer writes.

Fast, faster, fastest charging on the go

Maarten Steinbuch's experience with the 250 kW charger shows that electric driving is entering the next phase. Throughout Europe, fast-chargers are now being installed.

An autonomous bicycle, do we want that?

Our society is being digitized at a rapid pace. The question is to what extent technology will not only support but also determine our lives, columnist Maarten Steinbuch writes.