Bread and games in times of corona

Kiki Bertens has won the prestigious Madrid tennis tournament! Has the coronavirus gotten into this columnist’s head? Didn’t Bertens win last year in La Caja […]

Aroma and taste test for Corona at home

If you suddenly can’t taste or smell properly anymore, it could mean that you are infected with the coronavirus. Researchers at Wageningen University, Netherlands, are […]

Connecting “humanly” online

Around an hour before Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, spoke to the country to announce an extension of the measures to combat the […]

Can sea sponges prevent corona virus?

Research into an active substance for combatting the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is currently being conducted in laboratories around the world. But could it be that […]

Spaniards aren’t laughing any more

After a fortnight of lockdown, the moment has arrived that the coronavirus has complete control over me. Not so much physically – I still feel […]