How harmful is microrubber to humans?

Microplastics is literally on everyone’s lips. Every person eats, drinks and breathes up to five grams of microplastics per week – and therefore basically eats […]

Quo Vadis, German car industry?

On average, cars will cost about 3,000 to 5,000 Euros more by the year 2025. That is at least what Audi boss Bram Schot explained […]

Tomorrow is Good: Nothing to Hide

You can hear many people say it when it comes to privacy: “I allow them to know everything, I have nothing to hide”. I’m waiting […]

Make way for the car, close Eindhoven center

All around the world, initiatives are arising to make cities smarter, more accessible and at the same time more sustainable. Eindhoven doesn’t seem to lead in this […]