Lightyear: efficiency above anything else

Columnist Carlo van de Weijer reflects upon the Helmond-based car manufacturer's record breaking milestone. Being efficient may be more rewarding than being luxurious, he writes.

Where is the driver?

Clearly naming all the parties involved in an accident can bring more awareness that participating in traffic involves more responsibility than just thinking we can do it, Carlo van de Weijer writes.

Are we going to fly supersonic after all?

Sooner or later our irrational thirst for speed will make us fly supersonic again. For now, this is too expensive to be a realistic option, and rather shameless as well, Carlo van de Weijer writes.

Mobility and Moore’s Law

We are in a special phase of the exponential curve of the development of computing power. Now that the auto market is picking up, auto chip makers need to accelerate again.

The obligation to create bicycle paths

To improve safety for cyclists, we don't need a helmet obligation, Carlo van de Weijer says in his column. More and wider bicycle paths would be a better solution.

The myth of the robotaxi

Elon Musk's achievements contribute a lot to a better mobile future. But that won't be a future with lots of robotaxis.

The battery as a building block

The 'massless' battery is designed to be not only a source of energy but also a solid structural material. The electrical components are cleverly incorporated into the other materials.

Leaving the lockdown smarter

The traffic jams and full trains will probably return. But now that we have all learned that things can easily be done in a much smarter way, we, as a society, should stop thinking that's a bad thing.

Straight up into the sky

The advantages of eVTOLs are short travel times because of the high speeds and the absence of traffic jams, and also low fuel costs because of the use of batteries for electric propulsion.

Power paste for motion

"Especially for those applications where battery weight is a strong limiting factor, there's a future for hydrogen powder or paste."

A private jet for everyone

"You will have to be very sure that electric flying will not succeed to invest now in any other form of medium distance transport."

Electric flying is getting closer

There will be a further substantial increase in battery capacity, which will also reduce weight. The cost will decrease, and the lifetime will increase.

Pedestrian Congestion

"For years, pedestrian bottlenecks have been insufficiently addressed by politicians. In urban areas, in particular, the capacity of the sidewalk and footpath has reached its limit."

Paying for ownership

There seems to be increasing support for making car costs more variable, the much talked about road pricing. Or, more nicely put: paying according to […]