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During and after Dutch Design Week, several innovative products could be supported by means of the Crowdfunding Dutch Design on Kickstarter. Eventually, four of the projects reached their goals and can get started with the production of their concept: OWOW, Hybrid Chair, Somnox, and Circa.

E52 wrote about Circa and OWOW earlier.

The first innovative tool, which will be available very soon, is the Wiggle kit by OWOW. This product enables singers to create effects and incorporate them into their performance live on stage.

Furthermore, Sander Lorier designed the multifunctional Hybrid chair. To solve a lack of space, Studio Lorier thought of a smart technique that transforms a desk chair into a lounge chair.

In cooperation with AupingSomnox BV developed a sleep robot that eliminates the need for sleep medication.

Finally, another product that promotes good sleep is Circa; a standalone alarm clock. All these projects eventually reached their goals by means of very successful campaigns on Kickstarter.