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Innovation Origins has written about expat’s experiences quite a lot. Making the decision to move to a new country can be so exciting and inspiring, yet there are many dangers and risks that threaten to ruin your experience and even put you in harm’s way. You must make an effort to stay on top of all of the relevant paperwork should you decide to move abroad, as this way you can reduce your stress levels and ensure you can maintain ultimate peace of mind no matter where in the world you end up.  

The Importance Of A Passport

Obvious as it may seem, without a passport, you won’t even be able to leave the country or even book a flight. Your passport is the only globally recognized form of identification that you can use to access a new country, so you must ensure that you have a fully valid passport on your person at all times when traveling to your destination. Make sure that your passport is well within date and will not go out of date during your travels, and always keep your passport in a safe location. Investing in a water-tight plastic wallet that you keep on your person is the best idea, as you can access your documentation at any time whilst ensuring it doesn’t get damaged or stolen during your travels. 

Proof Of Permission

Oftentimes you need to achieve some kind of proof of your permission to enter a country, as ‘free travel’ is merely a concept that has never actually been achieved globally. Unfortunately some countries require the use of a visa to show your proof of permission, and this can be a very costly and time consuming process to complete. However, getting in touch with a professional team of immigration lawyers is the most efficient option to explore, as they have years of experience in the topic and know exactly how to submit a successful visa application. Without any proof of your permission to enter your new country, you’ll likely get turned away at the border before you’ve even managed to step foot outside. 

Get Your Accommodation Contract Ready 

Whether you’ve decided to purchase your own house, rent an apartment or stay in a hotel room, getting your contact and confirmation ready for use before you arrive at your destination is absolutely key. Failing to present your contract or confirmation could stop you from gaining access to your accommodation, and this will encourage a variety of problems to occur that would have easily been avoided with the correct paperwork! Even accessing your email account to prove your stay this way is an effective option you explore, so be sure not to forget about your accommodation contracts when moving abroad. 

Local contacts

Even before you move to a new country, you can start building your new network. Every region has its own expat organizations. It’s certainly worth the energy to contact them before entering your new country. Also, it’s good to look for local Facebook groups with expats helping each other to find their way. Your problems have probably already been solved by other expats that have arrived before you. Sharing experiences can help.

Staying on top of your paperwork when moving to a new country has never been so simple when you can take the time to make the most of the tried and tested tips and tricks that have been carefully detailed above.