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Slovenian start-up Gotoky began Startupbootcamp HighTechXL in the first week of September. The Eindhoven-based programme gives start-ups three months to work intensively on getting their company off the ground. For Gotoky, it’s a chance to further develop a smart walkie talkie – before the competition does. CEO Denis Lončar will be talking to e52 every week about his experience with Katja Lipičnik, Chief Marketing Officer, over the next three months. This week: Back in Slovenia (Read all the previous instalments here)

It’s week four of Startupbootcamp and Denis isn’t on the High Tech Campus, but at home in Slovenia. And fortunately, it’s all for good reason: “I flew back for a few days to prepare some things for the production of the Gotoky.” The device will be manufactured in his homeland of Slovenia, with components being flown in from the United States and China over the coming period.

The start of production isn’t the only thing Denis and his team are working on. “We’re super busy at the moment.” In addition to a string of meetings with Slovenian partners, the next few days will be devoted to testing the new, smaller antenna. Initially, the tests will be carried out in their own lab, but hopefully they will also be able to go into the mountains for the real work.

There weren’t really any highlights over the last week for the Gotoky team. “It was mostly a week of problem-solving,” laughs Denis, somewhat wearily. Meanwhile also business for his other company – a full service digital agency – in Slovenia keeps going and yesterday he popped into the office. The good news is that the orders are pouring in. The downside is that, as a result, everyone is up to their neck in work as well.

Oh, wait! In all the chaos of the last few days, there was, in fact, one huge highlight. The Slovenian emergency services organisation expressed their interest in the Gotoky. Last week’s marketing strategy to promote the Gotoky as more of a safety device is already starting to pay off.

After a few more meetings in Slovenia, Denis will hurry back to the rest of his team in Eindhoven. He’s pleased with the smooth rail connection to and from Schiphol – within a total of five-and-a-half hours, Denis can travel from his house in Slovenia to his temporary accommodation in Weert. “It’s really great!”

Part 4 next week.

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