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May is already in full swing. However, at IO we’re taking a look back at April again. After all, we still owe you a Start-up of the Month! Each day, our journalists cover a cool European start-up story. Our editorial staff will choose a weekly winner from all these participants and these weekly winners will compete against each other for the monthly trophy at the end of each month. And as we are not averse to a bit of democracy, our readers also get to have a say.

The winner of the Start-up of the Month for April is… (drum roll) – CC Diagnostics from Groningen! They have developed an innovative self-test for detecting cervical cancer.

From the jury report: “The test they came up with requires an extremely low amount of effort, doesn’t require an appointment with a gynecologist and puts an end to the misery known as pap smears. At the moment, in view of the disappointing number of participants, the barrier for women to take part in screenings is still quite high. Despite the prevention-is-better-than-cure intention, providing a tissue sample or making an appointment with a doctor remains problematic for many women. Yet it really is vital that lots of women get themselves tested.”

“Innovation doesn’t necessarily involve groundbreaking new technology. Sometimes ingenuity just involves simplifying an existing idea. Solving a problem by getting the users to brainstorm along with you. In any case, these types of practical solutions always make us extremely happy.”

And our readers thought the same thing because they chose CC Diagnostics as the monthly winner too!

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Check here for our previous monthly winners from 2019: Innovacarbon (June) , Munevo (July), Metodo Sancal (August), E-bot7 (September), High Performance Battery (October), Field Factors (November), EC Sens (December). And from 2020: XYZ Dynamics (January), Emergency Eye (February) and Secret City Trails (March).

All monthly winners are automatically selected as candidates for the first Innovation Origins Start-up of the Year competition which is to be held this June.

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