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Gone are the days when artificial climbing walls were turned into towering peaks. As from now, there are revolving climbing routes. Your advantage: thanks to the sensor, the climber will always be provided with another type of grip. The flexibility of the vertical treadmills also makes them suitable for use at events, as a training device and for rehabilitation. The fitness training machine Everest Climbing was developed by the Polish-German team of entrepreneurs Piotr Malecki and Dariusz Salamonowicz. The latter told us more about the product.

How did you come up with the idea to start Everest Climbing?

We wanted to create a piece of sports equipment that was more versatile than anything before it. A piece of equipment that’s fun and that benefits everyone’s health and fitness as well. When we started out, we had completely different ideas, yet we were never entirely satisfied with them. Then Piotr said “Let’s build a climbing wall.” At first I thought it was just a joke. But when he told me what he meant, I was thrilled.

The idea itself is not altogether new. Because our climbing wall works according to the principle of a treadmill. But it is vertical and climbing grips were mounted to it. You can best see how our climbing wall works in this 40 second video:



What distinguishes Everest from conventional climbing wall solutions?

It’s hard to talk about standard solutions because this kind of equipment is relatively new and produced by only a few companies around the world.

But we were the first to use motion sensors on this type of equipment. This allows the climbing wall to automatically adapt to the needs of a climber. We also developed a new system that constantly and automatically changes the position of the climbing grips in relation to each other – while climbing. This means that the climbing distance is not only unlimited, but it is also never repeated. It is this system that makes our climbing wall so special. By the way, we have patented it.

Creating a constantly changing route has a double advantage. On the one hand, climbing never gets boring, because you never know when and where the next climbing grip will turn up. And on the other, the maximum level of exercise efficiency can also be achieved.

We also use climbing grips that have been specifically designed for us. In the beginning we worked with conventional climbing grips and tried them out at various levels of difficulty. But after about two years we decided to produce our own grips.

Were there moments when you almost gave up?

Maybe giving up is a bit of an overstatement. But we have already wondered a few times what we would do if we weren’t financially successful. In moments like those, we always brainstormed, tried to analyze our mistakes and adjust our strategy. And we kept on going. Fortunately, there are two of us who are founders. Because it was often the case that when one of us was desperate, the other was full of optimism. So we were always able to support each other both mentally and emotionally.

And what are you particularly proud of?

Of the possibilities that our climbing wall offers everyone. When it comes to entertainment, it puts a happy smile on everybody’s face, because it’s a great deal of fun. In the fitness area, it produces faster and more fantastic results than any other machine in the world. It develops all muscles, burns calories, helps build a perfect figure, not to mention it’s fun. In addition, it is has been greeted with a sense of hope and positivity in the rehabilitation sector.

Which solution of yours can we look forward to next and where do you want to go from here?

That’s a very good question. The Everest climbing wall is our top priority. But we have been working on a new product for a year and a half now. This is the VR Motion Simulator. Up until now, these simulators had been very large and were designed with the entertainment industry in mind, but not for private users. Soon we will be introducing a small VR Motion auto-racing simulator for home use that anyone will be able to afford.

We would like to establish Everest GmbH in the three areas of entertainment, fitness and rehabilitation. The entertainment industry is always on the lookout for new products. They have already embraced our product and have fallen in love with it. The next step for us is the fitness industry, which is currently our focus. A few days ago we signed contracts with our first reference gyms. We are also currently in talks with a large fitness chain.

And in the near future we will also be turning to the rehabilitation industry. We have met so many fantastic people at various events who, despite their handicaps, have not given up on their dreams – including their sports dreams. We also want to realize our other ideas. There are still some projects that are on the back-burner that are waiting for their time to come.

Finally, do you have any tips for other entrepreneurs?

We are still at the very beginning of our path. So I don’t feel authorized to give tips to other entrepreneurs. – Perhaps one thing: please don’t underestimate the importance of marketing and financially-strong partners nowadays. Even the best product should be placed on the market.