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Richard van Tilborg, co-founder of CoVince, describes his idea as “the Netflix of e-learning”. By which he means that CoVince is a platform on which all kinds of various e-learning modules are being offered. The e-learning modules have a variety of styles and themes. As a user, you choose what you would like to learn. Just as you choose your favorite series on Netflix.
Van Tilborg and the other co-founder Melanie van Halteren know each other well through their former employer. That’s where they came up with the idea for CoVince. As this is the platform where technology, psychology and experience come together, they form the ideal duo. Van Tilborg has the technical know-how and Van Halteren has a background in communication and psychology.

What is CoVince?

The e-learning modules offered on the CoVince platform are built by the founders themselves. Most modules are built in collaboration with other companies. They commission CoVince to develop modules for them. More and more companies are using e-learning modules to train their employees. Apart from company employees, individuals may also use CoVince’s e-learning modules. They can download the CoVince app and get going with both paid and free modules. The modules on offer at CoVince come in all kinds of different types and sizes. Van Tilborg: “At CoVince you are able to train with a simulated practical situation, have a discussion and reflect in both the real and virtual world together, go on a learning journey, watch micro-videos, enact interactive scenarios or work with augmented reality.

Wat motivates you?

” The motivation behind CoVince is to be able to offer e-learning modules relatively cheaply to customers. CoVince has already developed many different types of building blocks, so they are able to create new modules for customers all the time. It is very expensive for companies to produce e-learning modules with the latest technology on a regular basis. With the CoVince method, the costs for the client can be kept down: this makes it inexpensive for companies to use CoVince.”

What distinguishes Covince from other companies?

CoVince is easy to understand and conveniently arranged. We often hear that its worth its weight in gold. That what we do is very tangible and that it works. People have faith in it.

What has been your greatest challenge up until now?

“The greatest challenge was to determine the next steps. All the goals we initially set have now basically been achieved. Now the main doubt is whether we want to attract investors and how we should tackle the internationalization of CoVince.”

What makes you proud?

“Using new technologies to make life more enjoyable, easier and better. For example, we are now integrating a special glove that allows you to grasp and feel objects in virtual reality.”

What can we expect from you in the coming year?

“Aside from continuing to work on the development of e-learning, CoVince intends in the coming year to focus on increased visibility and marketing.”

And the next five years?

CoVince wants to go global within five years. To achieve this, we are seeking various partners from all over the world. We hope that slowly but surely our app will become more and more well known.”

What is your ultimate goal?

To provide e-learning on a variety of diverse platforms and become one of the most widely used programs.