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Slovenian start-up Gotoky began Startupbootcamp HighTechXL in the first week of September. The Eindhoven-based programme gives start-ups three months to work intensively on getting their company off the ground. For Gotoky, it’s a chance to further develop a smart walkie talkie – before the competition does. CEO Denis Lončar will be talking to e52 every week about his experience with Katja Lipičnik, Chief Marketing Officer, over the next three months.

This week: Desperate times call for desperate measures

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How much can one person do in a day? A whole lot, or so it would seem at Gotoky this week. “Especially if you only sleep three hours a night,” adds Katja. It’s definitely all nose to the grindstone for the Gotoky team. Next week is the Demo Day, or ‘Wedding Day’, as the Gotokies previously called it. There are also serious talks with an investor, Gokoky is working with Leapfunder and, perhaps most importantly this week, the Gotoky device finally goes on sale!

With her years of marketing experience, Katja just couldn’t resist. A catchy slogan had to come out before the devices went up for sale, and that slogan is: GOTOKY – HOT AND COOL! It hints at the colour design of the devices, which will usually be sold in pairs: one red and one blue-green.

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Gotoky’s ‘smart walkie talkie’ works on Android smartphones and iPhones

The price is around 138 Euros for a set of two Gotokys, while a single device will cost around 73 Euros. “We’ve set the price very low,” explains Katja. “This is for the early adapters who already want to support us and are patient enough to wait until the Gotoky can be delivered.” Those who order a Gotoky now will receive their device in April. “If our production gets under way sooner and the delivery time is reduced, the price will go up.” A set of two Gotokys will end up costing 240 Euros. “The special pre-order price will probably only be offered until the end of the year.”

The webshop might be live, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. We can hear the rest of the Gotoky team busy with Skype and phone calls in the background. Tonight will be another short night’s sleep. According to Katja, that’s not a problem: “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.21.17 PMPart 11 next week.

Text: Renske Mehra


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