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This is a perfect answer to all of those funny bands that demand they only get the yellow M&Ms in their dressing room. There now is a machine that can sort M&Ms and Skittles by colour on its own.

The M&Ms and Skittles Sorting Machine is a project by TU/e-student Willem Pennings. The 19-year old student from New-Zealand writes in his blog  that the machine has been on his wishlist for several years. The development of it has taken him a few months.

Take a look at the final result here (more below video):

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    Pennings is not the only one with the idea. This video inspired the student to make his own version of the machine using Arduino, a light sensor and 3d-printed parts.

    Take a look at the full process here.

    Pennings is quite an interesting scientist. In his spare-time he often embarks on projects, some of those have resulted in a wordclock and a water rocket, which he first started building at the age of 12.

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