For nearly half of the Dutch population (44 percent), more conscious food choices are at the top of the list of good intentions for this new year. As such, there is a growing range of plant-based beverages. However, consumers are not quite sure what the nutritional values of these drinks are, according to a Censuswide survey commissioned by manufacturer of plant-based beverages WUNDA amongst two thousand Dutch respondents aged 16 and older.

It also turns out that 79 percent of Dutch people have absolutely never heard of the yellow split pea as a base for plant-based drinks, while yellow split pea drinks are a nutritious option containing significantly more protein than, for example, the oat drink most commonly sold in the Netherlands, according to WUNDA in the press release.


The Dutch tend to drink plant-based beverages because they want to make a conscious choice as part of a healthy diet (27 percent), to help protect the planet (20 percent), and to help protect animals (19 percent). The survey found that there are a lot of misconceptions about the nutritional values of plant-based beverages. Nearly a third of consumers think oat drinks are the most nutritious option, about the same amount think that about almond drinks, and a quarter have that same idea about coconut drinks. Only 19 percent of those surveyed think that yellow split pea drinks are the most nutritious.


The survey shows that 44 percent of Dutch people would like to make a more conscious choice that fits in with a healthy diet by 2023, and almost a quarter are willing to switch to plant-based beverages to do that. Dutch people who exercise regularly are already completely open to adopting new plant-based drinks. In fact, almost half of Dutch people who exercise regularly are willing to opt for yellow split pea drinks because of their high protein content.

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