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For developers of sensor-related products like fitness trackers, medical wearables, or Bluetooth-enabled motion sensors, it’s always a challenge to keep the non-recurring engineering costs as low as possible. These one-time costs to research, design, develop and test a new product, always turn out a burden to profitability. Vention recently released a solution to all this: Wockel, which promises cheaper development, earlier testing, faster time-to-market, and fewer teething troubles due to the tested and proven design and production process.

Eindhoven-based Vention designs and builds embedded products by writing algorithms that run on custom-built electronics, often featuring wireless connectivity and sensor technology. Wockel is the result of the experience Vention gathered in years of helping developers build their sensor-enhanced products. Vention’s Glenn Kitzen explains: “As an R&D partner, Vention often collaborates with product developers who want to integrate sensors into their product and also want to connect this to a smartphone or other Bluetooth product. Because we were basically doing the same development each time, we reversed the roles and developed a platform from which all these questions can be answered: Wockel.” 

Collecting data

By bringing together sensors, a microcontroller, and Bluetooth communication in one place and linking it to a customized application, Wockel enables developers to almost immediately start collecting data for the validation of their product. After that, the knowledge gained can be combined with the Wockel platform to be incorporated into the final product. All in all, this brings an enormous time-saving, says Glenn Kitzen. “By using Wockel, a developer is assured of a product that incorporates the latest technology, is supported by Vention in the integration with the rest of the development, and receives the care needed to move forward for years to come.”

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