Candela’s electric boats are now coming to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, thanks to a partnership with the leading electric boat reseller The Greenwave, says Candela in a press release.

The Swedish-made Candela C-8 flies on computer-controlled hydrofoils that reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to conventional hulls, enabling it to travel three times further and with a higher cruise speed than any other electric boats on the market. With a top speed of 30 knots and an endurance of 2 hours at 22 knots, it provides performance previously only seen in combustion engine boats. In 2022, it will be soaring above the rivers, lakes and canals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The first Candela will arrive in Goes in time for the first Benelux boat show for electric boats, which will take place between April 27 and May 1, 2022 in Goes. The Netherlands, with its many canals and rivers, are implementing forward-thinking regulations to convert the nation’s leisure boat fleet to electric propulsion. The goal is to ban fossil boats in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the National Parks by 2030, which will boost sales of electric boats.

Perfect boat for excursions

”Candela C-8 is the perfect boat for watersports and excursions. In normal recreation use, you can drive a whole day without recharging the battery. No other electric boat can achieve that”, says Eric Caroen, CEO at The Greenwave.

”The partnership with The Boatshed is an important step for Candela’s rapid expansion in Europe, says Gustav Hasselskog”, CEO of Candela. ”The Netherlands are one of the best and most beautiful countries to travel in by boat, so we believe Candela has a huge potential here.”

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